Pepsico - Coordinated Video Production

The head of PepsiCo Media Services needed to upgrade the management process between his video vendors, global Pepsico employees and upper level management. Our challenge... build an online video production portal to streamline the entire process. We architected, designed and built the portal using ASPX technologies. Projects are initiated by Pepsico employees which are reviewed by Media Services and assigned to a vendor. Vendors submit detailed project proposals. All proposals can be compared thru the system and once a project has been awarded to a vendor they can start the work. Upon completion of the project the vendor is required to submit their invoice and take part in a survey to rate the Pepsico employee who managed the project. The employee is also required to rate the vendor. All of this is automated thru email notification and controlled thru the vendor/employee dashboards. Detailed reports can be generated by senior management on a quarterly/yearly basis.

Reports include:
- Communications Compliance
- Communications Video Projects
- Estimates & Invoice Totals
- Pepsico Employees Capability Averages
- Executive Level Project Ownership Behaviors
- Vendor Creativity
- Vendor Quality
- Vendor Collaboration
- Vendor Cost Performance
- Premium Time Charges