Puma City - South Street Seaport, NYC

Puma City was a PUMA Soccer Event that spanned half of NY City's historic South Street Seaport and ran for a month. It was truly remarkable. Everett custom printed Puma covers for bean bag chairs for the bar/lounge area and made 40 standup six foot tall signs with steel bases to be outdoors in the very windy SSS environment. We created directional signage that was water and UV proof which nearly covered a whole 40 foot shipping container. We printed vinyl surrounds for the outdoor bars. We fabricated PUMA soccer shoe displays for showcases and for test shoes to roll across the cobble stones to storage each night. We branded a stadium scoring board, and designed and installed it with a stadium sound system and lighting system and coordinated electricians and installers...but there was something else... We designed and installed a soccer stadium, which was a custom perimeter frame, filled with compacted sand with a taught astroturf cover, with painted field lines and graphics and a 12' high perimiter cage net which was used nearly non stop for the soccer competitions which were a major part of the event. And we did score boards and all the other organization elements needed for a tournament.

The court was designed to work on the very irregular and crowned and slanted road made out of historic paving stones. What was the hardest part? The month of redesigning brand graphics and agency elements and refining art? The month of building and making all the soft elements? The month of supporting the event with AV, electrician vandalism, and weather? Not really, the hard part was working within the NY City guidelines for when we could work and what was allowed and where we were allowed to put things and what establishments liked us blocking their entrances and... Then we cleaned it all up, not leaving a single trace we were there.