IBM Institute for Electronic Government

IBM has a demo space in Washington D.C. that they use for international dignitaries. Here, IBM showcases software which can run entire Health Care systems, or Emergency services like Fire and Police, and many other government-level applications. It’s a very very very big deal, and one that they take really really seriously, as did we. Everett Studios was involved from the early planning stages and our designs were integrated into the architect plans. We also supervised portions of the construction. Then we manufactured and installed walls of graphics made from a variety of materials, framed pieces, float mounted plexi, and printed-fabric. We also choose wall paint and then did lots of overlay wall graphics. We integrated our new monitors with their Multimedia systems, and created 14 new custom kiosks to display each government area’s capabilities. These kiosks had literature space, shelves for tools, large flat screens, multiple laptops housed internally and remote KVMs for the trainers to demo IBM's multiple systems. So, in essence, we sold and installed our computers and monitors and multimedia and graphics and kiosks and design and production services into IBM’s premiere demo space. A pretty big deal.

In all, it was nearly a year in the making and is now one of IBM’s top showcases, and Everett provided the leadership design and manufacturing all from our not-so-little headquarters in Armonk, NY, not far from the headquarters of another leadership company.